The Founders

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Ampersand Advisory was founded by an advertising industry legend, a media maverick and an award-winning strategist.

Tan Sri Vincent Lee (pictured centre): Chairman of Ampersand Advisory, lifetime President of the 4As, founder of Naga DDB, one of the longest running and most successful advertising agencies in Malaysia, successful Digital Investor via Idea River Run group, lead investor in Soft Space (voted one of Asia’s fastest growing companies by the Financial Times), owner of multiple digital properties.

Sivanathan Krishnan (pictured left): founder and Chairman of Trapper Media Group, Malaysia’s largest independent media agency group, with 20 years of track record, also the founder of, an online ad buying platform.

Sandeep Joseph (pictured right): CEO of Ampersand Advisory, entrepreneur who started and sold his first digital company aged 26, to Ogilvy (WPP), digital media specialist and former head of strategy+digital at Zenith Media, winner of over 70 advertising industry awards, regular columnist.